Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets Representative Matters

  • Representation of a United States automotive parts supplier against a number of Chinese companies and individuals that had misappropriated the client’s valuable manufacturing technology from various factories built by the U.S. company in China. This series of matters involved the commencement and prosecution of a number of lawsuits in the United States against the offending Chinese nationals; and the negotiation of comprehensive settlement agreements with Chinese companies and their United States trade partners. One of these cases received considerable publicity as representing the first effective use of the United States Courts to enforce intellectual property rights misappropriated in China.
  • Negotiating complex licensing and strategic joint venture agreements with many leading industrial and technology companies on behalf of a leading provider of ASIC based automated vision systems to the automotive industry.
  • Representation of an early stage technology company against one of the world’s larger manufacturing companies in connection with a lengthy dispute involving the misappropriation of its trade secrets and patent infringement, including development of a comprehensive business and legal strategy for countering the effects of the misappropriation.
  • Representation of a small foreign technology company against a leading United States company in the semiconductor field in a large scale theft of trade secrets litigation; this included assembling a team of several law firms in three states to provide comprehensive representation meeting the client’s needs.
  • Representation of a foreign technology company against a multinational energy company claiming trademark infringement, including negotiation of a comprehensive settlement
  • In the context of acting as general counsel to the United States subsidiary of a large Japanese corporation, providing guidance and representation on numerous intellectual property matters, including various infringement claims.
  • Advice and counseling to financial services company regarding the avoidance of potential intellectual property infringement claims in connection with the development of its software platform using an overseas programming firm