Litigation and Dispute Resolution Representative Matters

Shareholder Oppression, Shareholder Rights, Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Representation of a satellite telecommunications company in the resolution of disputes over share ownership with various stockholders.
  • Represented LLC members is a dissoluton matter involving claims of shareholder opression and breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Represented a financial services software company and its principals in a dispute with minority shareholders. This multi-faceted litigation included statutory oppressed shareholder and dissenters’ rights claims, as well as various other claims.

Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets

  • Representation of a United States automotive parts supplier against a number of Chinese companies and individuals that had misappropriated the client’s valuable manufacturing technology from various factories built by the U.S. company in China. This series of matters involved the commencement and prosecution of a number of lawsuits in the United States against the offending Chinese nationals; and the negotiation of comprehensive settlement agreements with Chinese companies and their United States trade partners. One of these cases received considerable publicity as representing the first effective use of the United States Courts to enforce intellectual property rights misappropriated in China.
  • Represented United States manufacturing company in litigation with a Chinese company for theft of trade secrets.
  • Represented foreign company with process optimization technology in connection with a lawsuit in Northern California for theft of trade secrets against a large U.S. semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

Real Estate

  • Representation of clients in the U.S. and South America in connection with various real estate related claims involving United States and Israeli law.


  • Represented U.S. subsidiary of a large foreign corporation in a litigation with its former chief executive regarding various claims of breach of employment agreement and age discrimination.
  • Advice and counsel to a foreign company in connection with the termination of its United States CEO, including negotiation of severance arrangements.
  • Represented a hedge fund Vice President in litigation for wrongful dismissal against his former employer.

Broker-Dealer Disputes

  • Representation of individuals in connection with a lawsuits against a brokerage firm for failure to follow instructions and lack of suitability in investment strategies.